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Location: San Antonio Quezon
Last Update: September, 13 2014

Fil-Am Garden and Resort is created out of two nation; one love. Julie being native Filipina wanted a retirement haven worthy of the love of her life Louis Cox, an American from Middletown, New York, so in the late 1990, Julie set to work.
Near the area where she was born, she found this forgotten land for sale, 31 thousand square meters in size. It is a place where spring flows continuously for over a century. She immediately purchased the land and slowly created the Earth version of a paradise.
Each year, Julie would spend her entire vacation coming home to plant thousands of narra and mahogany trees, landscaping and nurturing fruit trees. Along with her crew, she work tirelessly from dawn to dusk tending flower garden.
A couple of years later, she had created an environment so peaceful and comfortable even the birds and the bees doesn’t want to leave, they migrated and stayed. With the tweet of their beaks, there are more species of birds singing and more bees and butterflies flying. Even turtles and native lizard come to stay at the creek. Each sound and music plays harmoniously with nature.
Today, Julie not only created a quiet and serene retirement for Louis, but also an eco-friendly habitat for all species in great need of 3-R’s, Rest, Romance and Relaxation.
Wishes do come true if you dare to dream. Now, you can share that dream even for a while.
Now is the perfect time to come, a refreshing welcome drink of buko juice ( young coconut) is waiting for you.

Website: http://www.filamericangardenresort.com

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Brgy. Matipunso Sam Antonio Quezon


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