Welcome to Green Paradise Resorts wayanad

Location: Wayanad Wayanad Kerala India
Last Update: March, 31 2010

Ask us why visit Wayanad, and we would give you the same reasons that fueled our
dreams at Green Paradise Resorts.
A climate that parallels any hill station, yet giving you the joy of basking in subtle,
warm sunlight. Green, as far as your eyes reach, with intermittent hills and valleys.
Skies blue, and gentle mist that wraps on your every move. Birds, breeze and
flowing water - together in musical harmony.
Welcome, to Wayanad. Welcome to Green Paradise Resorts.

Green Paradise Resorts Wayanad
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Green Paradise Resort
Old Vythri, Vythri, Wayanad
Pin – 673576, Kerala, India
Tel: +91 4936 320137, Mob: + 91 9387881837
Web: www.greenparadiseresorts.com
Email: mail@greenparadiseresorts.com

Website: http://www.greenparadiseresorts.com

Location Address

Accessing Vythiri
Strategically located, Vythiri is well connected by air, rail & road.
Air: Calicut International Airport 85 Kms
Rail: Calicut Railway Station 68 Kms
Road: Calicut 66 Kms
Bangalore 175 Kms
Mysore 130 Kms
Ooty 125 Kms



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